ESG Case Study: Agrupapulpi

Agrupapulpi is a Spanish producer and exporter of fruits and vegetables offering a fully integrated operation, from seedling to cultivation, harvesting, processing and delivery.

We invested in the business in 2019 and, alongside our local partner, we have been working with management to build on the company’s strong ESG foundations.

Energy consumption

The company closely monitors energy consumption levels, setting specific reduction targets. Current initiatives to achieve this include investment into a new cooling system for their warehouse, which operates at a much higher level of efficiency, in addition to undertaking a detailed study regarding the implementation of solar panels.

Employee welfare

An employee equity plan has been in place since 2014, while the company constantly updates its staff training manuals addressing issues such as food safety, best practices in agriculture and safe use of pesticides. Management is putting an increasing focus on employee training, especially with regards to preventive techniques to avert work-related injuries and improve overall working conditions and welfare. The company is in the process of creating an Equality Committee, to encourage the empowerment of female talent, whilst they are working with an external advisor to implement up-to-date policies such as a code of ethics, Anti Bribery policy and a whistle-blowing system.

During the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak in Spain, and to ensure the health and safety of all employees, the company provided masks for all employees, carried out temperature checks at the beginning and end of each day and implemented strict safety protocols such as social distancing measures.



The senior management of the company have long-standing ties to the local area, increasing their sense of duty to the community. Agrupapulpi maintains regular dialogue with local farmers, ensuring they are able to sell their products at fair and sustainable prices. The company provides the local area with charitable donations and was especially supportive during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing cleaning and sanitary equipment for the town of Pulpí, in southern Spain where the headquarters are located.

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